As paint merchants and distributors we offer top quality products that guarantee performance standards and are customised to suite individual requirements. Our inspiring range of paint, which includes industrial paint, caters for the retailer, homeowner, contractor, artist and crafter.

What about paint techniques? Great paint techniques that are advised on include stencilling, distressing, sponging, ragging, rag-rolling, stippling and dragging. Is paint colouring a challenge to you? Our paint colour chart, which includes a vast amount of colours, gives you the opportunity to sample our paint colours in the area that you wish to paint to ensure peace of mind.

Painting often plays an important role in your decoration process. The correct choice of paint will assist you to express yourself and to display enhanced creativity. Ensure you receive clear paint instructions if you need to prepare the desired area prior to painting.

Painting tips are gladly shared. Our painting specialists can provide you with outstanding painting tips to assist you in the process.