Rsi System & Specialised Products


With energy prices to rise and growing pressure to reduce co2 caused by fossil fuels the need for energy saving insulation is great.

Government and city councils are recognizing the new energy legislation. Producing the RSI system Atlas plays a role in conserving energy and contributing to a sustainable environment. Our product contains no bitumen and is a greener alternative with many benefits.

Insulation has a very high thermal resistance (r value) at the given thickness. We at Atlas have designed the RSI system for new and existing roofs. Our system will work on concrete slabs, metal roofs, tiles and even walls.

By using our system you can keep cool in summer and keep your space warmer in winter.

Benefits using the RSI System

* 10 yr. Warranty


* Cost effective




*Good insulated roof will result in lower energy bills

* Quick and easy to fix if damage occurs


*can be applied to a damp concrete surface


* Fast application. The system can be sprayed with a low pressure gun

* Washable when dry



  • New Concrete Slabs
  • Zinc
  • IBR
  • Tile Roof


Atlas Heat Guard Insulation (H.G.I)

H.G.I. is a high quality energy efficient insulation and reflective material. H.G.I. has a slight texture

that cause light scattering and the added aggregate transmit very little heat


when used on steel, concrete, tiles or asbestos suitable base coats and primers need to be

applied first


3 colours available white, beige and light grey

3-3.5 m/2


Atlas No More Oil Degreaser

Heavy duty concrete degreaser


Dilute 1:2 with water

5m/2 per l diluted


Atlas Concrete Prime System (CPS)

CPS is a high performance 2 component waterproof primer designed for use on concrete.

It penetrates and seals the surface leaving a smooth pinhole and bubble free surface.

Excellent adhesion, waterproof, U.V stable and outstanding stability at low temp.


Exposure to direct sunlight may cause yellowing.


 It exhibits a low sensitivity to substrate moisture leaving only minimal bubbling when

applied to moist surfaces.


for concrete, wood, industrial flooring and decking




Atlas Cementitious Latex Acrylic (CLA)

CLA is a sealing slurry, excellent for crack bridging and waterproofing


can be used on roofs, floors, dams, walls and foundation



Atlas Surfakleen

Surfakleen is an excellent rust remover and metal cleaner. Dilute 1:3


Where there are chimneys/food extractors dilute 1:1 around that area


Clean with water before painting can start


6m/2 diluted


Atlas Metal Primer with Rust Stop

A high solid primer with exceptional adhesive properties.




Atlas Flex Seal

Dries hard but remains flexible. Excellent concrete crack filler and roof screw sealer. Dries clear and is paintable.

UV resistant


Can be applied to repair small holes in zinc roofing.

Can be coated with paint.

Atlas Concrete Add Mixture

Waterproof your screed mix, concrete mix or plaster mix


Mix 1:10 with water. Add to mix


Atlas Roof Paint

High Solids